8 Luxury-Loving Master Bathroom Fireplaces

8 Luxury-Loving Master Bathroom Fireplaces

Even though the bathroom isn’t the first room you may think to put a fireplace in, adding a fireplace near your bathtub can create the ultimate relaxing refuge. Take a look at these amazing master bathrooms, complete with their own beautifully incorporated bedrooms. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to add you to your master bathroom remodel — now or someday.

Just Joh

Very Victorian. In true Victorian fashion, lavish details unfold all throughout this master bathroom, including on the floor-to-ceiling carved fireplace surround, that overlooks perfectly with the adjoining freestanding en-suite bathtub.

Tip: Place furniture around the fireplace for a posh pre- or postbath sofa area. A fantastic novel and a fluffy robe would flip this place into paradise.

Peace Design

Old-world charm. The piled stone and exposed wood ceiling transfer this bathroom to a different place and time. A rustic chandelier and tub complete the old-world feel.

Tip: The fireplace ledge here is also a practical place for a glass of wine, candles or bathing provides.


Timeless traditional. Symmetrically separating his-and-her vanities, this fireplace stands front and center. Traditional white painted timber allows the design to stay timeless for a long time to come.

Tip: For complete design cohesion, create the mantel the same substance as the countertops.

A Collaborative Design Group

Cool and contemporary. A slick stainless steel fireplace at bathtub level permits you to enjoy the view without craning your neck through a long soak.

Tip: Make sure to Permit for plenty of room to wander between the bathtub and the fireplace. Many fireplaces become quite hot.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Inside-outside connection. Bring the exterior right inside with a desert fire of your own. This is earth, fire and wind working in full unison.

Tip: when buying a gas fireplace, start looking for the choice to get glass or stones put inside the fireplace for an accent — stone would look beautiful here.

Red Deer Carpet One

Designer. Skylights accentuate an all-white marble fireplace within this designer master bathroom, which seems to get everything.

Tip: Paint the firebox with whitened heat-resistant paint so that it mixes into the wall, almost disappearing until you hit the ignition.

Yvonne McFadden LLC

Clean and classic. The simple lines say classic, and the crisp color maintains clean. This timeless fireplace flows with all the fashion of the beautiful vanities. I really like that the fireplace uses actual wood also; the odor helps produce an extra-cozy vibe.

Tip:Place coordinating sconces over the fireplace for added ambience.

Macaluso Designs, Inc..

Grand slam. Everything within this bathroom has grand proportions — even the extra-large fireplace with a massive mantel. The fireplace sits in front of a two-person bathtub, while walls of vanities peak out from behind. This bathroom has just about all you would need for a spa-style afternoon.

Tip:Proceed and beyond by adding a remote controller to the fireplace so you can turn it off and on while in the bathtub.

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