Adding Farmhouse Charm to Your Home

Adding Farmhouse Charm to Your Home

I’m a city girl at heart, but there is something about farmhouse decor that appeals to me. I’m not sure if it’s the intrigue of time-worn items, or the relaxation in decor symbolizing a pure and simple way of life. It may be a combo of both.

From the process of decorating my home, I take inventory of items which speak to my heart and try to incorporate those elements. Here are seven easy ideas for incorporating farmhouse charm to your home no matter your decor style. Which will you attempt?

Aka, Debbie Dusenberry

Accent your home with distressed furniture to pull together a look that’s collected and not decorated. A composite of raw metals, such as the stools pictured above, with all the curved textured wood plank extends a warm invitation to take a seat and stay small while more.

Jeanette Lunde

Botanical prints are accessories in contemporary day decor and for great reason. These hand-rendered prints, framed or unframed, gives instant outdoor backyard character to any decor style. They also give a quick study in botany as an added bonus.

Molly Frey Design

Whether you’ve been chasing bad guys in town or skillet on the farm, drawing a tub in a generous claw foot tub is the best ending to a long day. Regardless of the updates over time, its shape remains emblematic of life in a simpler time.

The Lettered Cottage

On the farm, burlap is a humble, hardworking cloth. At the home, burlap exudes the same attributes, and provides a textural element to the space. It’s likewise a cost-effective material for casual drapery panels.

2 Ellie

Spool-turned furniture, commonly found in colonial farmhouses, are now found in just about any style residence. Its craftsmanship makes for both an interesting and functional design element.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

In this contemporary living space, a spool-turned chair is modernized with a coat of glossy black paint and dons immaculate white upholstery. From the circumstance of the other furnishings, the spool chair is an accent with a sculptural like caliber.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Alongside some skirted sink, nothing states farmhouse chic like a pair of Windsor chairs. Vintage and classic, these seats can be passed down from generation to generation without ever losing their style.

Van Wicklen Layout

Mixing old with new is exactly what makes a house feel like a home. Year-old wooden boxes, as a planter and knick-knack holder produces a storage alternative and brings a lived-in look into newer spaces.

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