See to Your Rooms

See to Your Rooms

I have got pumpkin on my mind. Ever notice how the grocery store has enormous displays of canned pumpkin and condensed milk on each aisle beginning in October? It is a good thing for me personally, since I’ve got a loved recipe (see below) to find the best pumpkin pie on Earth! I start buying the components around Halloween and also make pies all the way through Thanksgiving dinner.

Also about that time of year, pumpkin-hued insides start looking ripe for the holiday season. Really a colour that looks great all year round, pumpkin feels like the perfect pick-me-up. Here are a couple tips for that perfect color of pumpkin in your house.


Try out pumpkin with sky blue. This tufted chaise longue has excellent vintage appeal against the soft layout of the background.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

A monochromatic pumpkin room looks fantastic with touches of black. Notice how the lines of this curvy slipper chairs comparison the angular couch.

LKM Layout

A grouping of plush, pumpkin bar stools has me considering cooking for family and friends in this fantastic transitional kitchen. I really like the size of the sizable family-style island. This is a superb way to make a large room feel cozy.

CWB Architects

A vibrant color of pumpkin makes a fantastic accent wall. Pumpkin is a versatile hue with the ability to feel conventional or contemporary.

Jill Sorensen

Pumpkin feels right at home in an eclectic mix. Be daring with pumpkin paint. It goes with each colour, so have fun. Attempt Pumpkin Cream 2168-20 by Benjamin Moore to get a similar shade to the one on this desk.

I adore this bold use of pumpkin using a bold checkered flooring. Pumpkin enjoys black, so any pairing of the orange color with ebony accents is a winner.

This room got pumpkin right also. Consider using different shades of the same base colour for a layered look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Adeeni Design Group

This fantastic fall-inspired dining room has such wonderful light that pumpkin paint works on each wall. Notice the terrific centre fixture that resembles pumpkins on a vine.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Pumpkin closets in the kitchen? Yes, please, I’ll have a slice. Pumpkin is a cousin of crimson, which is known to stimulate the appetite. This specific color of pumpkin pairs beautifully with one wall of grey cabinets.

Rikki Snyder

Just for pleasure, please enjoy the pie recipe which inspired this ideabook:

Bottom Up Pumpkin Pie
1 large can pumpkin6 eggs, beaten2 cups sugar1 large can PET evaporated milk1/4 cup entire mIlk2 tablespoons pumpkin pie spiceMix everything together and pour the mixture into a 9- by 12-inch pan. Add topping (see below) and bake for one hour at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

1 package yellow cake mix1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)Mix together and crumble over pumpkin mixture in pan.

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