Dress Your Hearth for Fireplace Season

Dress Your Hearth for Fireplace Season

You may get some really great tips about dressing up a fireplace’s mantel, but the hearth can be overlooked. But in the event the hearth isn’t addressed, your total vision for your fireplace may fall short. Luckily, it does not require much to accentuate your hearth, and doing this will increase the”wow” factor of your complete fireplace.

A fireplace hearth is your fire-resistant material put facing a firebox, though when decorating you should keep the firebox itself and the display facing it in mind too. Like mantels, hearths vary in height, depth and width — all of which you’ve got to think about when decorating.

Measure not only the depth of your hearth to make sure any bits you purchase will fit, but also assess the height into the mantel so that you understand how tall your colors can be. In addition, assess the width of the distance from the faces of the firebox into the into the outer corner of the hearth. Keep the dimensions with you since you never know where you’ll be when you stumble on the best hearth accessory. For inspiration, take a look at the photographs that follow.

Irwin Feld Design

Begin any makeover with the fireplace display. If you’ve got a wood-burning fireplace, then the display is essential. It prevents sparks from flying everywhere in your chambers, stops logs from rolling out, and retains small kids and pets from wandering within the firebox.

The display may be practical, but it may be showstopper too. There are a lot of alternatives out there; search for one which complements the rest of the room. Additionally, your display should be larger than the firebox itself. This may be a challenge because most fireplaces are constructed on-site and may not be a standard size. Take measurements of your opening prior to going shopping.


Golden Circles Fire Screen – $625

Less is more. This circle-themed fireplace display is all that’s required to create a simple yet daring statement on a chic polished fireplace hearth.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

No room for accessories? Start looking for a display that pops visually. A display with a gentle curve or a three-screen panel provides a 3D effect to get a more modern feel.

Kelley & Company Home

Place both weighted objects on each side of the hearth to get a symmetrical and balanced design, which is pleasing to the eye. Here the symmetry of the urns on the hearth is echoed at the positioning of the couches.

A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

An asymmetrical approach is less formal and much more unexpected. Items will not mirror each other, even though it is necessary to maintain a balance of size and scale. For a modern or modern appearance keep it clean by using only one or two bolder pieces.

InterDesign Studio

Bring in accessories which accentuate the colors in the room. If using warm colors in the rest of the space, stick with deeper hues; use lighter colors to get a cooler palette. Do not overdo it. It may look cluttered when there are too many random colors in this small space.

Crisp Architects

Sticking to the kind of the space is key. Whether your style is casual, classic, rustic, or diverse, select accent pieces with personality.

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

Your hearth accessories are like jewelry for your terrace, so search for finishes that match each other. Purchasing coordinated hearth accessories is also a simple first step.

Pottery Barn

Casablanca Filigree Metal Lanterns – $59

Whether your design is symmetrical or asymmetrical, lanterns are fantastic accessories. Set matching tall lanterns on each side of the hearth to get a more formal feel. If you prefer a casual appearance, vary the height with a tall lantern on one side and a coordinating but shorter one on the opposing side. Start looking for lanterns with a finish which will go nicely with the kind of the rest of the room.

Unite the hearth and the mantel by repeating a shade on both. Keep it simple so it doesn’t look overdone.

Gast Architects

If you’ve got an open fireplace, then your andirons may make a gorgeous statement. Used to provide air circulation underneath the logs and to reduce wear and tear on the bottom of the firebox, andirons arrive in an assortment of finishes and a selection of styles from traditional to modern.


Fireplace Log Holder Cube – $354.50

For a modern feel, use a simple bold piece similar to this modern log holder cube.

Splendid Willow

Ikat Baskets – $39

Baskets like these corral logs and include an interesting mix of feel and shape into a casual fireplace hearth.

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