Steps for Sealing a Natural Stone Tile Backsplash

Steps for Sealing a Natural Stone Tile Backsplash

Natural stone tiles make a great addition to the kitchen back splash region. These tiles will help protect your partitions from water or grease splatters, and have an all-natural color variation. As the tiles are porous and normal, nevertheless, they do need sealing to help avoid staining over time. The tiles ought to be sealed before grouting, as well as on a continuing basis, depending how frequently they have been cleaned. A well-sealed back-splash will bead water up it’s time to time to re-seal them when your stone tiles quit doing this.

Stone cleaner and buff them clear using a fabric that is soft. Make sure that the tiles are free of cooking splatters any grease or area stains. Let the tiles dry totally. Enable them to return with their natural colour before sealing to permit the water evaporate in the pores of the stone in the event the tiles darken after washing.

Pour the stone sealer right into a bowl or open mouthed container big enough to dip your brush in to. Turn on the kitchen fan or open a window to help remove a few of the fumes that are powerful several sealers include.

Dip a foam paint brush to the sealer and paint the sealer on the backsplash. Use wide strokes, working all the way through to avoid drips. Let the sealer penetrate the stone for 10 minutes.

Buff the area of the stone tiles using a clean cloth to remove the sealer the stone hasn’t absorbed. Work rapidly, beginning in the tiles you sealed before the tiles are dry, and rub in a circular motion. Keep buffing before the tackiness is gone in the event the stone feels to the touch.

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