The best way to Remove the U-Pipe Under a Sink

The best way to Remove the U-Pipe Under a Sink

Even though the area of of curved drainpipe which you find under each sink in your home resembles the letter “U,” it more closely resembles an inverted “P” in case you take into consideration the straight length of pipe leading to the drain. Plumbers call it a P-trap, plus it fulfills the essential function of maintaining them out and sealing sewer gases in the drain of your home. A pool of standing water in the curve produces hair, although the seal and particles that gather there can block it. Removing it for cleansing is a task that is simple.

Before you eliminate the trap to make sure that no one can start the faucet while it is off, turn off the shut-off valves underneath the sink. Put a bucket below the P-trap.

Locate the big nut connecting the trap to the section of pipe that extends down in the sink, known as the tailpiece. Turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew it. It is possible to do this manually, when it’s plastic; use a pipe wrench or pliers if it’s hard to to show or steel.

Loosen the swivel nut in the other end of the “P,” both manually or using a wrench or pliers. Reduce the curved portion of of pipe, when the nut is disengaged and disengage it in the tailpiece.

Turn over the trap and empty the water to the bucket.

Reverse the process to re install the trap after it is cleaned by you.

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