The best way to Dig Magnolias Up

The best way to Dig Magnolias Up

About 80 different species of Magnolia exist, a lot of which thrive outside in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 9. Magnolias might be shrubs or trees and, with respect to the species, might be ever-green, semi- deciduous or evergreen. Magnolia species are employed as garden trees and, in the best conditions, can increase to 80 feet or taller. Several homeowners discover that it’s necessary to eliminate or transplant them when they out grow their existing place because these crops tend to to develop extremely big. Digging up a magnolia may be tough work, just by means of planning and the appropriate resources it’s feasible.

In inches in the peak of your waist using a measuring tape, measure the diameter of the magnolia tree, then several the measurement. For magnolia shrubs, measure how far the branches divide that amount by 50 percent and spread out of the trunk. These figures will be the distance in the trunk it is safe to prune the roots.

In the event you plan to transplant it to a different location prune the roots of your magnolia to the the length established in Stage 1 two years. Pruning the roots prior to the transfer will improve the odds that the magnolia plant will survive the transplant. Pruning isn’t required in the event you plan to discard the magnolia after digging it up.

Dig a trench across the magnolia into a depth of 18-inches using shovel or a spade. The trench must be dug in the root pruning line established in Stage 1.

Brush the soil away yourself from the bottom of the magnolia to expose the root ball. The root ball is the primary mass of roots in the foot of the plant. You might want to depart the soil throughout the root ball set up to pro Tect the roots in the event that you are planning to transplant the magnolia.

Grasp the magnolia and gently rock it straight back and forth in the hole to loosen the roots from your soil.

Should you not program to re-plant your magnolia cut the roots extending in the root ball utilizing pruning shears. Use a root observed rather in the event the roots are also thick for the pruning shears. Abandon as a lot of the roots in tact as feasible in the event that you program to transplant your magnolia and don’t cut them beyond the line decided in-Step 1.

Pry the magnolia out and up of the hole utilizing the shovel. As you raise the magnolia from the hole remaining roots utilizing the pruning shears.

Should you program to transplant the magnolia wrap the root ball tightly. The burlap certainly will prevent the soil throughout the root ball from coming unfastened and will safeguard the roots throughout transportation.

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