The best way to Install Wood Flooring Over Particle Board

The best way to Install Wood Flooring Over Particle Board

Most folks use hard-wood staples or nails to to install hard-wood flooring but this is only an alternative in the event the subfloor is constructed of plywood. Keep from nails for those who have particle board as underlayment or your sub-floor as an alternative. Particleboard does not grip nails firmly enough to preserve the integrity of your hardwood flooring. Glue the wood to the particle board underlayment. This method is more time consuming than nailing, but the hard-wood will appear just as good when it is completed.

Clean the particle-board underlayment or sub-floor carefully. Vacuum to eliminate particles and dirt. Attempt to scrape it off when there’s grime that will not vacuum a way. Avoid getting the ground wet, as particle board will swell and absorbs moisture.

Set 3/4 inch growth spacers every couple of feet across the walls in the area. From touching the wall, these keep the hard-wood; the wood wants space to increase in humid and warm climate. The ground could buckle when it expands without leaving room.

Flooring adhesive by means of your flooring trowel on the particle board. Start using a small area in order to reach across moist glue without kneeling or stepping inside. Create a type of glue the amount of the wall.

Lay the hard-wood plank on the glue together with the groove. Press it against the growth block. Snap the 2nd board by the end of the first. Continue to the finish of the wall, using a tablesaw to reduce the last piece to to match.

Apply glue for the 2nd row. Snap the board of the second-row at the conclusion of the first-row, pressing the groove to the tongue of the first-row. Tap the outdoors fringe of of the wood using a rubber mallet if essential to seat the tongueandgroove. Starting in the finish of the first-row where you slice the the board that is last to to match aids you alternate the seams in order that they appear mo-Re random. Continue together with the remaining line of hard-wood.

Install the lines of hard-wood across your sub-floor that is particle board, spreading mo-Re glue for every line. Stop when you do not have area to to put extra flooring without standing or kneeling on the hard-wood you glued, or when you’ve about 5 feet of flooring remaining to be laid. Allow the glue to dry for 2-4 hours.

Once the glue h-AS dried totally, lay hard-wood and glue on the location. For the last type of wood, minimize it length-wise if required to to match the location that is remaining. Allow the glue on the region that is new to dry for 2-4 hours.

Remove the growth spacers.

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